After 50 days of Hertz Neverlost, TomTom pays for itself.

The nominal daily fee for a Hertz NeverLost navigation system rental is $12.99 (USA), $15.99 (Canadian), or £14.00 (UK)(+VAT).

(taxes extra — 18% in Texas; have to check on the UK price)

The Tomtom GO 940 Live retails £399, or $656.70 (USD); After 50 days, the daily $12.99 cost has totaled $649.50.  The 51st day pays it off.  That’s 43 days in Texas, 29 days in UK.

Tomtom has a recurring charge for the updates; don’t misunderstand, Tomtom is building a business module incorporating a steady flow of payments.  Still, at $12.99 per day, Hertz is building a bigger daily runrate business, and they obviously don’t give the same level of technology as the GO 940 Live.