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Palau Weh

Interested in a dive package such as .. need to get takers/interested joiners.

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Move to US

I’m planning my move back to the US.  Current plan is:

date loc (3166-2 and postal) Details/Comments
  • notice given on NW15SD
  • final day Apr 30
  • LHR/JFK flight intended 20100428
  • todo:
    • cancel “SE” power
    • cancel BT
    • cancel O2 broadband
US-NY 10035 support to EST timezone
US-WA 98107
  • planned
  • ECM mailbox setup
  • todo:
    • JFK/SEA flight
    • transfer 2000lbs goods
    • cancel Citiwide

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Residency Move 2010: SIN?

As some know, my time in London was supposed to end in November. My boss had extended me to Feb, and might extend again, but I pushed for the change to an Asian timezone or to Seattle when I arrived.

Budget has opened perhaps to hire my replacement, allowing a clear timeline to my leaving London (LHR). Unfortunately, the boss is looking at Singapore.

Can I push him to HongKong (allowing ASEAN with Chinese residency?) or to NYC, or to BKK (which, honestly, offers little beside some friends in the area and a really great standard of living in the upper echelon)?

My best quality of life is in Beijing. My friends are concentrated in NYC, SEA, PEK, YVR, and BKK. Home is YBL. Where’s my home?

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Neverlost: Pays for Tomtom in 50 days

After 50 days of Hertz Neverlost, TomTom pays for itself.

The nominal daily fee for a Hertz NeverLost navigation system rental is $12.99 (USA), $15.99 (Canadian), or £14.00 (UK)(+VAT).

(taxes extra — 18% in Texas; have to check on the UK price)

The Tomtom GO 940 Live retails £399, or $656.70 (USD); After 50 days, the daily $12.99 cost has totaled $649.50.  The 51st day pays it off.  That’s 43 days in Texas, 29 days in UK.

Tomtom has a recurring charge for the updates; don’t misunderstand, Tomtom is building a business module incorporating a steady flow of payments.  Still, at $12.99 per day, Hertz is building a bigger daily runrate business, and they obviously don’t give the same level of technology as the GO 940 Live.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my automated travel blog.  This blog is automatically updated with a pull of various sources of travel information.  Initially, it’ll just be a Loopt feed, but I’ll circulate in my DR-travel and such when I can.

The old was killed when my server took a hit.

My DR blog was similarly CRUSHED.

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